Scaffold Services

We have an in-house and licensed scaffolding division to assist our projects with safe access to high level asbestos removal works. The importance of erecting scaffolding in line with asbestos removal requirements can have a major contribution to a project’s success. In having an internal scaffolding division, you can trust in our expertise that the project is going to be completed to the required design on time, and within budget.

Our experience has allowed us to work in all forms of construction and working environments, placing health and safety, value for money and efficiency as priorities on every project we undertake. We are committed to providing the public and private sector with the best possible service through an industry recognised standard and over 20 years’ experience.

The scaffolding services Omega Environmental Services offer are:

Tube & Fitting:

Traditional tube and fitting scaffolding can be designed in a multitude of configurations, to adapt it to specific site requirements. This versatility also means it is possible to make your scaffolding compliant with Work at Height Regulations, including adding netting and brick guards to manage any falling objects.

System Scaffolding:

System scaffolding is much quicker to erect, not least because it involves less fitting of connections, and utilises a latch mechanism. This also makes it a good choice when you need to have the option of quickly adapting or dismantling it. System scaffolding can also make it a cost-effective solution for temporary site work when you use a professional scaffolding design and installation service.

Licensed Asbestos Scaffolding:

We are one of a small number of scaffolding companies operating in the UK who are currently permitted by the HSE to undertake licensed scaffolding work with asbestos. Omega Environmental Services has held an asbestos licence for over 25 years and is highly experienced in this field.

This ancillary licence enables us to erect and dismantle scaffolding, to provide access for the licensable work where it is foreseeable that the scaffolding activity is likely to disturb the asbestos. It is vital that at the planning stage proper consideration of the risks is taken. The correct management of asbestos is an issue which is vital to the health of our employees and to our client’s staff.

Scaffold Staircases:

Our range of staircases are suitable for both professional trades and members of the public. The inherent variability allows ascending/descending stairs and other modes of access of all kinds and dimensions to be quickly assembled from just a few system components. Typically designed and integrated into the main scaffold, the staircases provide a convenient, fast and effective method of evacuation from a building in the event of an emergency.

Temporary Roofs:

The temporary roofs provide a high degree of versatility, and will encompass very wide roof spans and complex applications. The use of these weather-resistant solutions can enable work to carry on within a comfortable working environment and maintain levels of productivity.