Asbestos Removal Works at Heathrow Airport

Omega Environmental Services are currently on site carrying out the safe removal and disposal of Asbestos materials within a Warehouse and Office Spaces at Heathrow Airport.

Warehouse Asbestos Removal:
– High level Asbestos Insulation Board
– Insulation residue to pipework

Office Space Asbestos Removal:
– Asbestos Insulation Board debris to suspended ceiling void and disposal of all MMMF ceiling tiles and cabling.
– Encapsulation of Asbestos Insulation Board cladding to wall

There are important programme milestones to achieve throughout the duration of the works. These milestones are required to enable the refurbishment works to commence at the agreed date to allow for the new tenant to occupy the premises.

  • OES Asbestos Removal works coincided with our clients GTEK Soft Strip and Delicate Demolition works. Superb teamwork and communication has been demonstrated on site through external auditing carried out by the Main Contractors external Asbestos Consultants. The project is well on its way to being completed ahead of programme and to the client’s full satisfaction.