Certificate of Excellence – ACAD Audit

During the final phase of works at our project at Trent Park in London, ACAD carried out an on-site audit which we are pleased to say achieved a 100% audit score, where Omega Environmental Services were awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

Please see the below audit comments:

“The works involved the removal of insulation debris from within floor voids in a Grade 2 listed property. This project has had its challenges but it is testament to Mick Foster, site supervisor, and his experience and supervisory skills that this audit has been exemplary. The site is well laid out and has been segregated from unauthorised access. Excellent client liaison has led to Omega receiving blue level directors audit score which means performance over and above that expected. Mick is very proud of his site and so he should be. He shows excellent control of the site, personnel and client. All paperwork is fully completed and available for inspection. We had a discussion regarding the NPU calculation which he will to management. It has been a pleasure to audit such a good site and witness asbestos removal at this level.”