Co-Op Licensed Asbestos Removal Works

Omega Environmental Services currently carrying out the safe removal and disposal of licensed asbestos containing materials within a high street Co-Op store in Cambridgeshire.

OES scope of works is to remove the identified asbestos materials under fully controlled conditions within the confines of a full asbestos enclosure under negative pressure.

The materials safely removed and disposed of are as follows:
• 8lm of thermal Insulation to pipework utilising the wrap and cute method.
• 25m3 Insulation Debris within rubble to be disposed of as contaminate waste.

It is a priority for High Street retailers to be open for business in order to accommodate for their large volume of customers. As a result of this requirement we have agreed with our client for our OES Site Staff to undertake the entirety of the works out of hours. This ensures no disruption or loss of sales is passed onto the client.

An Independent analyst has been appointed to witness the smoke test, carry out personal, leak and 4 stage clearance testing and issue a certificates of reoccupation upon completion.