Welwyn Shredded Wheat Factory | Land Remediation

Omega Evnironmental Services have recently carried out and completed the safe removal and disposal of identified asbestos based materials from the surface soil of the below site. The land has now been returned to the client and is ready for the next phase of works to be carried out. Great work James Elliot, Steve Anderson and the team.

Value: £53,000.00
Duration: 4 weeks
Contract location: Welwyn Garden City
Type(s) of work: Land Remediation

Description of work

  • We were appointed to safely handpick the identified Amosite and Chrysotile containing asbestos materials to an area of approximately 12,100m2.

Scope of works include

  • OES carried out all works under controlled conditions within the confines of a respirator zone to ensure the safe removal and disposal of Amosite and Chrysotile products located within the over turned soi
  • All works were carried out under HSE notification and are to be conducted with full face RPE and all relevant personal protection.
  • Works were controlled within a grid format to carry out the removal in a systematic, efficient and understanding manner.
  • The Independent analyst was present on site to witness the live removal works and personal air monitoring was carried our throughout the project. Photographic evidence was taken by the asbestos supervisor to ensure the state of cleanliness to the client. The state of cleanliness was further enforced followed by the issuing of air monitoring certificates.